Mapping 2017

We started this blog in April with hopes of it being a space for us to write, post photos, and share our budget friendly travel tips. We met as students and have figured out ways to travel for cheaper than we thought was possible. One of our goals as a married couple is to travel abroad together at least once a year. This year has brought a lot of changes: Steve started graduate school, we moved to a new apartment, and Hannah moved into a full time position, but our love of travel has been unwavering. Occasionally, we get the “Ohhh, wow, how do you afford to travel?” comments. To be honest, we make frugal decisions, rely on a budget, and plan our trips in advance so we can space out our payments (flight, then hotel, then save money for food/attractions). We believe anyone who wants to travel can make it happen and we’re here to share how we do it

On December 21, we’ll be heading to Stockholm, Sweden, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Oslo, Norway! We’ll be exploring Christmas markets, drinking mulled wine, visiting museums of sunken ships, posing with The Little Mermaid, and screaming with Edvard Munch. We have no idea if we have enough warm gear, but we’re ready and excited to experience the great north. 

As the year comes to a close, we wanted to reflect on where we’ve been and what we’ve learned.

We visited Nashville, Tennessee (twice). We learned what a Honky Tonk is and felt the musical magic of the city. 

Hannah visited Los Angeles, California deeming it something unexpected. The mountains and beachside were something she never imagined could exist so harmoniously.

Steve went on a bro hiking trip to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. His packing list included bear spray, a hatchet, and his camera. Camping is a very budget friendly trip. P.S. He took some amazing photos that I need hanging in our apartment stat. 

We hiked and camped in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The natural state had us under its spell and living simply.

Hannah traveled to Seville, Spain where she learned about Christopher Columbus and the correct pronunciation of “churro.”

For Thanksgiving, we spent a few short days in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We road tripped from Minneapolis to Oxford where we stopped at a Czech Village in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and a Christmas Village in St. Charles, Missouri (SO cute). 

It’s been a year of changes, travel, and lessons. We’re setting goals and trying to stay balanced in our pursuits. We’re both learning a language: Hannah is learning French and Steve is learning Swedish, thanks to Duolingo. We’re open to what happens next and where life takes us. When we return from Scandinavia, we’ll tell you allllll about it and start looking for our next destination. Germany, Peru/Argentina, and Australia are the top three contenders right now. We’ll see y’all in January! 

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